I recently got a challenge whereby I got the question whether it was possible that the verb « get » could be the only verb ever necessary as an action verb; so I got the rules of the challenge: 


                The rules:

                Action verbs allowable: Get (and conjugations)

                Auxiliary verbs allowable: Be, Can, Do, Have, May, Must, Should (and conjugations)


I immediately got the impression that this was impossible. English must be more complicated than that! Then I got the idea that nothing is impossible and just got on with it.


English got the verb « get » from Old Norse which itself was got from Germanic origins. The logic of Latin languages is that precise verbs for every action are important, whereas the Anglo-Saxon logic (Germanic) is sometimes different; not the verb but the change is important.


The concept:

                Any word(s) after « get » is a change of position or state from the contrary.

                e.g.        A change of position:

                                to get on                              A change from « off » to « on ».

                                                                « I got on my bicycle ».

                                A change of state:

                                to get sick                           A change from « well » (not ill) to « sick ».

                                                                « He got sick ».


Jamie in France – A History with only « Get »


I got the idea to get a new life in France in 2012. My job in England had got boring and I had never really got around to getting an understanding of how people in other countries got by. So, I got an atlas and got a good look at Europe. I got the feeling that France was a good idea as I could get back to England if things got difficult; I could get on the ferry or Eurostar very easily. I got my train ticket and got prepared. I got a new backpack and some new clothes. A little later, I got quite anxious, even scared; Have I got myself into a silly situation?! Of course not.

I got here in February 2013. I got a little sick on the ferry, but after I got to land I was fine. I got a small apartment in Caen and got the newspaper to get information to get a job. I didn’t get any jobs initially. I got rejection letter after rejection letter, but it didn’t get me down. Eventually, I got an introduction to my current boss who got me a job! Fantastic! Life really got better!

So, 2018. I get the impression that the job of a teacher is the best in the world. I get the opportunity every day to get together with lovely people who get involved in my classes. It never gets boring for me.



So, we can get by with « get ». It’s not beautiful and it gets complicated, but « get » is a wonderful verb due to its flexibility.


Sometimes, it’s not which precise action that is important, it is the result of that action, or, what we « get ».

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