I Got Challenged

I recently got a challenge whereby I got the question whether it was possible that the verb “get” could be the only verb ever necessary as an action verb; so I got the rules of the challenge: 


                The rules:

                Action verbs allowable: Get (and conjugations)

                Auxiliary verbs allowable: Be, Can, Do, Have, May, Must, Should (and conjugations)


I immediately got the impression that this was impossible. English must be more complicated than that! Then I got the idea that nothing is impossible and just got on with it.


English got the verb “get” from Old Norse which itself was got from Germanic origins. The logic of Latin languages is that precise verbs for every action are important, whereas the Anglo-Saxon logic (Germanic) is sometimes different; not the verb but the change is important.


The concept:

                Any word(s) after “get” is a change of position or state from the contrary.

                e.g.        A change of position:

                                to get on                              A change from “off” to “on”.

                                                                “I got on my bicycle”.

                                A change of state:

                                to get sick                           A change from “well” (not ill) to “sick”.

                                                                “He got sick”.


Jamie in France – A History with only “Get”


I got the idea to get a new life in France in 2012. My job in England had got boring and I had never really got around to getting an understanding of how people in other countries got by. So, I got an atlas and got a good look at Europe. I got the feeling that France was a good idea as I could get back to England if things got difficult; I could get on the ferry or Eurostar very easily. I got my train ticket and got prepared. I got a new backpack and some new clothes. A little later, I got quite anxious, even scared; Have I got myself into a silly situation?! Of course not.

I got here in February 2013. I got a little sick on the ferry, but after I got to land I was fine. I got a small apartment in Caen and got the newspaper to get information to get a job. I didn’t get any jobs initially. I got rejection letter after rejection letter, but it didn’t get me down. Eventually, I got an introduction to my current boss who got me a job! Fantastic! Life really got better!

So, 2018. I get the impression that the job of a teacher is the best in the world. I get the opportunity every day to get together with lovely people who get involved in my classes. It never gets boring for me.



So, we can get by with “get”. It’s not beautiful and it gets complicated, but “get” is a wonderful verb due to its flexibility.


Sometimes, it’s not which precise action that is important, it is the result of that action, or, what we “get”.